California Dreaming Short Story

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California Dreaming

Ever since I was a little girl, I 've dreamed of visiting San Diego. My parents lived there for a

while at the beginning of their marriage, and they have all sorts of memories and stories there. They got

married in December of 1993 and moved to San Diego in January of 1994. My dad was in the Navy, and

worked on the USS Constellation as a flight deck S3 Aircraft mechanic. The carriers that he worked on

were so big that all of Scott City could fit on one. He would tell us stories about the S3 's and how they

worked. They would land onto the carrier, stop by catching a wire, and take off. My dad’s job was to

check the carrier and make sure the Aircraft was safe to fly. My mom graduated from K-State, got
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The ocean was my happy place, and I never wanted to leave. Beside the beach, stood a gigantic roller coaster surrounded by smaller rides and shops. This roller coaster is one of the oldest and sketchiest in the world. One day, after spending time at the beach, we

decided we were brave enough to ride it. We walked over, and when I entered the amusement park,

the sensation of kettle corn and cotton candy filled my nose. I noticed all sorts of fun things to do and

rides to ride, but we had a mission to ride that roller coaster. We immediately proceeded to follow others

as we filed into the not so long line. As I was standing and waiting, my mind was racing. I had no idea

what this experience had in store for me, or what to expect. Of course, I have ridden plenty of roller

coasters before, but none like this one. Soon, we were at the front of the line waiting for our turn to enter.

When the ride before ours came to a stop, we piled in with our minds still racing, our parents watching

close behind. The ride slowly began to move, and we were off. Every part of me violently jerked side to

side, up and down throughout every twist, turn, and drop. Excitement and adrenaline filled
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The bridge was an amazing sight to see, like you could look over every part

of the city. The first place we reached was Hotel Del Coronado. It opened back in the late 1800 's. The

hotel was a beautiful white building, with a bright red roof. I imagined the sand on Coronado beach as a

desert, because it was so spacious. With the hotel poking out in the horizon. I saw it as a castle in a fairy

tale. We also explored Coronado Bay, when we peered across the water we could see all of downtown

Coronado and the skyline of San Diego. When we looked to our right we saw the USS Midway, a ship

like where my dad worked. When we looked to our left, we saw the great Coronado Bay Bridge. We

spent time capturing pictures, dipping our feet into the warm water, carving our names into the sand, and

gazing at the beautiful sights of Coronado.

We headed out the next morning to one of my personal favorite destinations called La Jolla

Beach. Most of our time was spent here, exploring many wonderful sights. The spot we visited was very

famous for its sea lion attraction. We entered the beach, and the first thing that came across me was the

smell, which wasn’t very pleasant. But I soon forgot all about it when I saw the sea lions.
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