California Girls By The Beach Boys Analysis

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Carlos Joglar
English 200
Professor James M. Boehnlein, Ph.D.
Essay #1: Writing about Music
14 September 2015
California Girls by The Beach Boys You know really well when you like a song when the instant you hear it you get exited and pumped with the beat and all what is going on in it. That feeling of excitement is what happens to me when I hear the song California Girls by The Beach Boys, a band that originated in California in the 1960's. The song from the album Summer Days was very popular at its time and it is still. The song reached to be ranked third on the Billboards top songs. It all began when I was a little boy when my father used to play all this old disks in the house and sometimes in the car when I first actually heard the song
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Two of the most important elements are the lyrics and the mood of the music which are commonly compared and contrasted. The lyrics of this song are about this man describing how attractive are the girls from the United States (North, South, East and West). The man also says he has bean all over the world but says that he cannot wait until he comes back to the states where he says are the "cutest girls in the world". The one thing he makes clear, and it is stated on the choir and on one verse of the song that the author says, in his opinion, that the Western or Californian girls are the prettiest because they are all tanned which you can infer that those types of girls are the ones that attracts him. He ends up with the choir again but even longer than the other ones but with the same lyrics: "I wish they all could be California girls". This song has a really notable mood which gives it a chill environment. As the mood, the lyrics are also chill to hear, understand, and enjoy because they are not many words per minute, meaning that the words are not to tight. In other words, the lyrics and the mood are really compatible because they both bring a good vibe to the song, although the mood is more sophisticated than the lyrics. The instruments in the song go faster than each word or phrase the singer

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