California Gold Rush Short Story

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The california gold rush started at a river where a man found gold in the river then whole state and other people around the world came. The goal was for the poor to become rich and the rich became MORE than just rich! After a few years the people were surprised you will know after this story…

Chapter 1
It was a cold spring day afternoon. I saw a lot of people in california my name Anthony I’’m 30 years old I seen wild things in california but what 's more weird is everyone is getting pickaxes and pans setting up camping spots and the weird part is that using the word “boom town”. I went out my house and walked to general store as I walked by the dry soil I thought should I get 3 pounds of gold? I think I should mine until I have enough to go to Michigan and get a luxury house there that could be great!

I got to the general store and I heard a guy named bill owns it. I opened the door. the place was
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Now I think hes right i 'm failing at this i talk to people one said “you should get a gun” another said “you should give up” then I start to partner up with a guy name Dan he help me we would split it 50 50 but we did not find any then one day…….

On the edge of death

We found gold after gold after walls of gold we split it and Dan was off I was getting all my stuff a man walk up and whispered “your whole family is dead if you dont tell me where you found that gold” I told him at the east he was off after I got my money and put away my camping stuff and I have enuf to go to michigan.

I’m at Michigan I found out that the gold I mine was fools gold I was mining for worthless ore that was disguised as gold i 'm still rich but I feel empty thinking about fools
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