California In A Critical Drought

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Imagine living in a home where there is no water what so ever and can 't even use the restroom or take a nice shower ? California is in a critical drought and need to help and find ways to help as much As possible .Women ,Men , and children in a small town in California are receiving the worst of the drought and are having their most used privileges throughout the day revoked. This small town is going through difficult times and may be obsolete and be a abandoned town due to living conditions. These Men and Women and small children are all receiving this horrible time and can 't even have a nice shower when they want . Source #2 says “when it first went dry , we used to drive 45 minutes away to my daughter 's house to have a shower . 45 minutes everyday just to take a quick 20 minute shower sounds like a hassle doesn 't it ? That just isn 't right to me and imagine how much these people are spending just on gas money in a week ! It 's probably a fortune . Another big use in their daily life is also being revoked and it 's the use of the restroom ! Source #2 states a quote from a lady saying “ sometimes when she has to go , I take her outside “ . I could not imagine one day using a seat and sitting down with comfort and the next day you 're walking as far as possible from…show more content…
California needs to listen to the people in this town and find another way to preserve this water . Our state is putting these people through a horrible time and this town may not even be suitable for living and people who have lived there for almost 50 to 60 years will have to move out of the house they most likely we would want to be deceased in . They are putting little children trough things adults can 't even handle for a day ! Farming will become obsolete and this town will have to receive packages from other cities or towns just for food or vegetables . In conclusion this is horrible and California should not revoke our privileges and preserve their water a totally
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