California Persuasive Speech Essay

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1. Video clip of a woman calling to report suspicious activity outside her home.
2. The topic relates to your safety and your families’ safety
3. I am a person of interest in ownership of ccp
4. Thesis: California should allow their citizens to carry firearms in public and we as citizens and human being have the right to defend our loved ones, and ourselves and not allow ourselves to be vulnerable to attack and at the misery of others.
5. Preview: In this speech I will discuss the violent crimes committed against innocent victims and the need for an over ruling on California’s restriction on issuing carry concealed permits to law abiding citizens
1. First Key Point- Our we can make this happen
A. California should allow citizens the right to carry firearms on their person while in public.
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We should have Stricter gun control laws regarding background checks on individuals who desire ownership of firearms and creating a solution for the gun show loop holes.

Second key point- This plan will drive our violent crime rates down and allow citizens to feel safer in public and in there homes.
1. It would reduce the number of guns circulating amongst criminals
2. It would stop mentally unfit individuals from ownership or living in the same household with
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