California V Brock Turner Case Study

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People Of The State Of California v. Brock Turner Brock Turner was a twenty Year old Stanford law student. He was on the all American swim team three years in a row and was riding on a swimming scholarship. To say the least he was a very bright young man who seemed to have an even brighter future ahead. That was all before he made the choice to sexually assault an unconscious and intoxicated female student.
On the night of January 17th, 2015, Brock Turner and Emily Doe were both at the same on campus party, where there was lots of under age drinking going on. Her last memory was from about 12:00 am on January 18th just a little while after leaving the party to make a phone call. After that, it was a blur for her. Turner saw this as an opportunity
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Even from Dan Turner, (Brock Turner’s father) stated that Brock has been through too much already and sentencing would be too much for “20 minutes of action” (Irish Times). This statement on its own makes it very hard to believe that six months was a “fair” sentencing. Considering that the average jail time for a rapist across the United States is in between eight and nine years (SexOffenderAttorney). Considering that any other rapist in the U.S. would be charged with sixteen times the sentencing that Brock received, it is blatantly obvious that Turner was undercharged by a long shot. So why did Brock Turner receive such a short sentence? Many people say that it’s because he’s white, other’s say its bias from Persky since he was a former Stanford graduate. It could be a mix of both, but either way we have a college student who has raped another student on campus and is getting little punishment for doing so. This is bad because it sets an example across America that when a young boy wants a girl, he can just go do what he wants to her with little consequences. Until we fix the justice system that is filled with bias and unjust rulings, people will continue to get away with unspeakable crimes just as Turner

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