Hollywood Ruining America Analysis

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Why Hollywood is Ruining America The cover song Californication for The Red-Hot Chili Peppers album, bearing the same name, was released in May of 2000. It was produced by Rick Rubin. In the waning months of 2000 it won a Grammy for best rock song. The song Californication is a criticism of the dark side of Hollywood it tells how the culture produced in southern California is damaging to people’s lives. The song touches on unrealistic body image, the prevalence of plastic surgery, pornography, as well as people all around the world throwing away their lives in the pursuit of fame.(Kidis, 22) The song starts out with the Stanza, Psychic spies from China Try to steal your mind's elation And little girls from Sweden Dreams of silver screen quotation And if you want these kind of dreams It's Californication To break it down simply I will start with the first two lines. The first line of the song refers to spy flicks of the time,…show more content…
The author remembers how everyone in his high school loved the song when it came out, but in hindsight the song is too closely similar to their earlier work. While the song was fine it neither inspired nor lived up to the magnitude of their early 1990s work. However if the author looks at it though for the time the Peppers did release a good song seeing that the album went quadruple platinum. The author is just trying to insinuate that while it was a good song, Californication was on the downward slope of the Peppers. The Peppers early 2000 song Californication was a Grammy winning song highlighting the dark side of Hollywood. It touches on topics such as drug abuse, which many of the peppers have had experience. It highlights unrealistic body image issues that are formed because of all the plastic surgery that runs rampant in Hollywood. The song sparked an adaptation to the small screen in the form of a Television show called Californication that is based loosely on the
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