Caligula In Julius Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was a homicidal maniac who because of his family name became emperor of the ancient civilization of Rome.1 Gaius is better known as Caligula from when he was a child traveling with Germanicus on war campaigns in the north. History records him in the first half of his reign as as respectable emperor who the people loved, but after falling severely sick the second half records him as a unintelligent psycho who had blood lust.2 Caligula’s qualities applied to present day would surely be interesting. Caligula would likely live a lavished lifestyle supplied from his rich family and enjoy the world because of all the new things he could use and abuse. Caligula’s lifestyle would of course lead to jail from his…show more content…
This wouldn 't take long since Caligula is described as a very sick and twisted man. There are many different scenarios that could send caligula to jail, but of course the first one is murder. This is due to the fact that Caligula as an emperor loved to watch executions and killed or exiled many close to him.4 There is also a story that further backs this point about how Caligula ordered a section of his crowd to be thrown into the arena with lions and animals to be eaten alive because he was out of criminals and was not entertained enough. Furthermore, another way Caligula could be found behind bars is if he gets caught up in drugs. Since Caligula was addicted to meaningless sex, it is evident that he would also most likely be addicted to another type of short stimulation. The last probable way Caligula would go to jail would be through fraud through his political power if he ever decided to pursue a career in politics, which is highly unlikely. Even if any of these scenarios were to come true, it is likely that Caligula’s jail time would not be that dreadful due to his family 's power and wealth. Jail is what is to be expected of a man like Caligula in the 21st century,that or a mental
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