Caligula Vs Nero Essay

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In contrast to Caligula’s reason of madness in the case of Nero there was no sign of reason only that he as well suffered from a mental ailment in more ways than one the illness was a family trait since, yet Nero’s actions were to differ from Caligula in persecution of Christians, the endless depraved sexual encounters with both gender and lastly the way he governed showed that he loved the arts, and the theater thus giving the history some art works as well for coins. Covering the way his rule was not his own but his mother’s and tutors when they were gone, and he was clear to rule he killed or divorced his wives, but his actions always effected the Roman empire. In particular in 64 A.D, the Great Fire that set Rome ablaze for six days a historian Tacitus the saw four districts of the city burn in stating, “The city four were undamaged, three were destroyed and in the seven…show more content…
After the imperial palace the Golden House was built on his villa Domus Aurea, his attempt to govern and bring growth to Rome had halted instead he took a tour of Greece to perform, in 68 A.D Nero was late to respond to a revolt of the Gaul. In this time general Galba declared himself Legate of Senate of the Roman People as well for having the Pretorian guard backing him as well for the people declared Nero an enemy of Rome. This was the end for Nero and he knew it according to, Morgan Gwyn’s 69 A.D : The Year of Four Emperors goes on to say, “Nero fled to the country villa of his freedman Phaon some four miles from Rome and, after much hesitation, steeled himself to commit suicide by driving a dagger into his throat. It was a singularly inartistic end for the last male member of the Julio-Claudian line. This would mark the end of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, a ruler that was known for the pain he caused of others, bankrupting the treasury, the killing of his mother, and the acts of a man who used Rome as his personal play ground in conclusion he devastated Rome in

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