Caligula's Downfall

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Caligula was born on August 31, 12 AD in Anzio, Italy. His parents’ names were Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder. He had two older brothers and three younger sisters. Caligula’s brief reign caused the death of many people; sexual indecency; and political meltdown. This Emperor’s rise and fall to power uncovered debauchery, bloodlust, and betrayal. Caligula was a human being with an amoral personality that was created by his Uncle from the murder of his family to the engagement of perversion and slaughter. Although from 19 to 33 AD, Tiberius murdered Caligula’s family out of envy and paranoia. It was at that time, Tiberius would also murdered his mother and brothers because of his paranoia, ego, and manipulative nature toward Rome and…show more content…
However, Caligula’s fall to depravity came from his claim to divinity, where he would put statutes of himself in Jewish temples, put his head on the statues of the Greek god Zeus, and attempted a move to Egypt before his assassination by the Praetorian Guard in 41 A.D.” Considered as Caligula’s greatest flaw where he wanted to be worshipped as a perpetual god by moving to Egypt, thus lead senators to conspire his death when least expected. After four years on the throne, Caligula was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard for revenge, putting an end to a reign filled with homicidal bloodlust, illicit sex, and malice. In a world where a man is exalted a god among his people, Caligula could not fill those shoes even though he had complete control of Rome. None of the world would understand that Caligula was just a pessimistic individual that gave Rome pain because his uncle destroyed his livelihood, innocence, and childhood. Although his thirst for blood and power came with a price, Caligula generated a tapestry of inhumane dictators that ruled by fear, ambition, and proclaimed a god among their people. This accolade of situations and events should justify any notion that Caligula is not a madman, but an absolute genius whose vexed childhood and extravagant lifestyle destroyed a…show more content…
Nevertheless, Caligula was a man who gained too much power and let it slip out of his hands by death. Although no one will ever truly understand Caligula, only Caligula knows the answer. However, if Suetonius was alive, no one would ever believe his claims on Caligula that he was crazy. One thing’s for certain, Caligula triumphs as a groundbreaking Emperor who did everything his own way without question. Also, Caligula’s baffling Uncle Claudius became Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. Personally, Caligula was a tragedy waiting to happen. The people of Rome may have known that his reign would be the forefront of destruction to the Roman Empire, but a blind hope of arrogance clouded their judgment as Caligula’s terror destroyed the lives of those around him. However, Caligula’s life was built for luxury, military warfare, and egomania. Most Emperors would have the decency to respect his people, protect their empire, and keep peace among other countries. Unfortunately, Caligula left behind fear, terror, and debauchery of untold
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