Calisthenics Vs Weightlifting

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Fitness is an important part of a healthy life. It is defined as the condition of being physically fit. It is important, because when a person is fit, they are capable of living life to its fullest. People who are physically fit are less prone to becoming ill, and it reduces your risk for many medical conditions. How you stay fit is different for everyone. Calisthenics and weight lifting, while similar in many ways simply because they’re both about being physically active, are vastly unalike. Calisthenics is all about exercises to develop strength and flexibility that’s done with just your bodyweight and involves no equipment or very little, doesn’t require a gym membership and has fewer injuries. Weightlifting, on the other hand, is easier to progress, requires many weights, machines, and a gym. They are also similar as they both have the same goal, core principles and provide self-specific improvement. There has never been a better system of training with the principle of freedom. For calisthenics, his or her body becomes the machine. No gym, weights or specialized machines are required for most exercises, and it can be done anywhere, for free. All that’s required is adequate floor space to the length of your body. The very most you’ll need are a place to hang from which…show more content…
It doesn’t present much of a risk of hurting yourself because you’re just moving your own body weight around, which is natural. It also puts less stress on the joints which lead to a lower risk of injury. On the other hand, with weightlifting, the additional weight you incorporate, the further your risk of injuring yourself. One of the major problems is damage to your joints. The muscles develop faster than your joints, and tendons can handle which lead to aching injuries. I’ve known plenty of people who lift weights that get injuries year-round but have barely heard of anyone getting hurt off a bodyweight

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