Calistoga Hot Springs Resort Research Paper

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Calistoga Hot Springs Resort, 1860’s: The Saratoga of the Pacific
The Calistoga Hot Springs Resort was a thriving resort in 1860s. Inspired by the Saratoga Springs in New York, this was considered “The Saratoga of the Pacific.”
This 30 ft. diorama of the original Hot Springs Resort is one of the main attractions in the museum.
Taking nearly 3 years to complete this painted background extends the diorama out to the horizon, with the Calistoga depot and Mt. St. Helena beckoning from right out of the wall.
For more information check out the History of Calistoga here.
Stagecoaches were used to carry passengers and goods pulled by horses or mules. They first originated in the United States in the 1700s. This attraction at the Sharpsteen

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