The Call Of Joseph Analysis

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The Call Of Joseph A brief account of Joseph calling navigates through the processes of family rejection, slavery, and prisoner of conscience. He trusted in God and was focused; at the appointed time his gift thrusted him into the palace. The fear of God, holiness, and gift of compassion, and interpretation of dreams did it for Joseph. You need to covet these attributes too. A leader without compassion has no business being a leader.

Chapter 3: Harmonizing Destiny With Divine Intervention Author’s Personal Testimonies

Ps 37:23, 31
The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way... None of h/*is steps shall slide.

At this point, I deem it necessary to x-ray my past life and describe for you how God divinely led me to my divine assignment. Let me synchronize my divine destiny with God’s intervention in my life to teach you some lesson here. Show me a man on the path of destiny? He is a man who is never confused. A man who can work from morning till night without remembering food or getting tired, why? Because he loves what he’s doing. His heart burns with passion and inner peace.

Life In Secondary School
There are three major events in my secondary school that influenced my destiny greatly. These events are how I completed my secondary school education with university requirements to study engineering in
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I was residing in a Local Government headquarters. Not up to ten days after I went to check my result at school, one afternoon, my ex-principal saw me and said: “Moses, one gentleman is waiting for you at the local education schools’ board ” This was how I met the man who happened to be the principal of a secondary school. He gave me teaching employment at once. I got this teaching job on a platter of Gold. No sweat, because the Physics God gave me made room for me and connected me to the principal of that
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