How Does Buck's Life Change

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Emanuel Koo
Ms. Lafferty
Literature and Composition Red 2
October 5, 2015
Call of the Wild People’s views can drastically change through age and experience. Throughout a person 's life they are much different from when they are young and a baby then when they are an adult. Their views drastically change as time passes andThe novel Call of the Wild follows the story of an dog named Buck that goes from domestic, back to his wild primitive self. Buck’s views and personality can greatly change and differ from experiences in the book where he learns of his more primitive self that he may not have had in the past “lives” or experiences. In the beginning and introduction of the novel and Buck, you can see that Buck lives in luxury and thinks highly …show more content…

John Thornton also shows great affection and cares for Buck much more than any other master of Buck have given. Even though Buck has a great urge to return back to the wild where he feels where he truly belongs, but his love for John Thornton is so great that he will never leave him forever. His love for John Thornton can be seen throughout the last few chapters where he is willing to do anything for John Thornton. “‘Jump, Buck!’ He commanded, sweeping his arm out and over the chasm. The next instant he was grappling with Buck on the extreme edge.” (London 134). As John Thornton and the other sled dogs stay in the camp Buck returns back to the wild very often and even befriends a wild timber wolf. They stay in the wild for a long time hunting and fishing for their own food. Buck then suddenly remembers John Thornton and returns to him quickly. “Buck Came upon one of the sled-dogs Thornton had bought in Dawson. This dog was thrashing about in a death-struggle, directly on the trail, and Buck passed around him without stopping.” (London 174). Once Buck returns to the camp it is too late and Buck tries to defend John Thornton from some of the Yeehats that have attacked the camp. As John Thornton dies, Buck finally returns to his primitive instincts for the only thing that was keeping him from being a wild beast was gone and there was no reason to be a sled

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