Call Of The Wild Analysis

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Emanuel Koo Ms. Lafferty Literature and Composition Red 2 October 5, 2015 Call of the Wild People’s views can drastically change through age and experience. Throughout a person 's life they are much different from when they are young and a baby then when they are an adult. Their views drastically change as time passes andThe novel Call of the Wild follows the story of an dog named Buck that goes from domestic, back to his wild primitive self. Buck’s views and personality can greatly change and differ from experiences in the book where he learns of his more primitive self that he may not have had in the past “lives” or experiences. In the beginning and introduction of the novel and Buck, you can see that Buck lives in luxury and thinks highly of himself. “And over this great demesne Buck ruled.” (14). “The whole realm was his.” (15). He thinks that he is the ruler of the household and at one point he says that he was guiding the children of the humans to where they needed to be. “he escorted Mollie and Alice, the Judge’s daughters, on long twilight or early morning rambles;” (15). This is truly the first stage of Buck’s path to his primitive self as Buck is about to learn of the wild. Buck is then kidnapped and sold to dog sledders where he then learns of the law of club and fang. After Buck is kidnapped, he realizes that he is locked up and tries to rebel against the man in charge. Attacking the man again and again relentlessly, but the man has a club and eventually
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