Call Of The Wild Banned Essay

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The selected book I have chosen is “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London. This book takes place from a dog’s perspective during the Klondike gold rush. The dog, Buck, was once a domesticated pet living on the sun-kissed farms of St. Clara Valley. One day he was sold into a dog sledding business and is thrown into the world of snow, ice, sleds, and a team of other dogs to work with? What on earth could be so bad about that book that would put in on the “Banned and Challenged Books of America” list? You may not know, though, that there is so much more to this book than just the main concept of dog sledding. This book is banned for several reasons. The first one being the violence and dark tone to the book. As I mentioned before, it is told from Buck’s point of view, so it tells all about what he is seeing through his adventure. There are several scenes in the book that…show more content…
The Klondike gold rush was a bloody time in our history and some people may be ashamed. I don’t think that new, fresh, innocent readers should be reading books about blood and gore and a violent time in our history. While I believe history is important, I believe it should be discussed in a safe environment where readers don’t have to figure everything out for themselves. I believe we should be moving on from the dark pasts; not glorifying it. The last reason this book should be banned is because, as others have stated, it makes Jack London look like he glorifies animal abuse. While this may not even be the case, some people may not understand this. I don’t believe that he glorifies animal abuse, but was simply telling the story of this time period. Animals were used as modes of transportation during this time, and they were never really treated as loved pets. If people do not know this, London could be criticized for glorifying animal
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