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Have you ever wanted to live in Alaska and travel all through the Yukon delivering mail, panning for gold, or go hunting for moose? In the adventure novel Call of the Wild by Jack London, the main character Buck goes from pampered pup to wild beast, Buck travels around Alaska going from city to city, fighting to survive in the dangerous Yukon. Slowly throughout the book, Buck’s permeative instincts come out and isn’t like a house dog. He becomes tougher and learns how to hunt, dig holes in the snow to sleep in and learns to never get knocked down in the fight. All throughout the book, Buck slowly turns into a wild dog and lets his inner wolf come out, one way he does this is he digs a hole and learns that he 's not going to have a warm bed anymore. After walking around and getting kicked out of the nice warm tents, Buck learned that to keep warm at night he would have to dig a hole and prepare for the cold winter nights. Buck confidently selected a spot, and with much fuss and wasted effort proceeded to dig a hole for himself.” (London 20 & 21). In this quote, it is explaining that Buck had to find a spot to dig a hole to make himself a bed instead of being treated like a king and sleeping in the tent. Buck starts to become very protective of his master John Thornton, his crazy side starts to…show more content…
Buck went on a killing spree and he went running around the woods torturing animals like squirrels and sooner or later he goes for a moose. “He fished for salmon in a broad stream that emptied somewhere into the sea, and by this stream he killed a large black bear, blinded by the mosquitoes while likewise fishing, and raging through the forest helpless and terrible” (London 96 & 97). Bucks instincts overcome him and he becomes too distracted with killing the animals instead of staying around camp with Thornton who ends up getting killed by the
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