Call Of The Wild Theme Essay

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The book call of the wild has many different themes, throughout the whole book while I was reading there was one specific theme that really stuck out to me and that was “Survival of the Fittest.” There is many reasons I say this is because the whole book Buck is conquering different obstacles. This book also reminds me of the book “The Hunger Games” the theme is similar to the book “ The Call of the wild,” because they both go by the universal theme as the “Survival of the Fittest.”
The reason I say that the book “Call of the Wild” has the universal theme is survival of the fittest because Buck went through a lot of things in his life. Buck was kidnapped from Santa Clara when he was young and then taken to the harsh wilderness of the klondike. Buck did very well in the klondike he was very well suited for that environment, he was more in shape and ready for that environment than the other dogs that was there also. In chapter 1 page 6 it says “But Buck was neither house-dog nor kennel-dog. The whole realm was his. He plunged into the swimming tank or went hunting with the Judge’s sons; he escorted Mollie and Alice, the Judge’s daughters, on long twilight or early morning
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The call of the wild is how Buck the main character in the book is moved from santa clara to the klondike for his ancestrial genes of how great they lead dogsledding packs, and throughout the book Buck overcomes many different obstacles to be te best of the best. The hunger games is a story where there is a game where you compete to survive, the game is put on by Capitol the evil antagonist which is cruel and for some reason likes to see death. These two books are completely different in many different ways, but it all follows the theme as the “Survival of the
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