Callaway HEX Solaire Golf Ball Case Study

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1. Callaway HEX Solaire Golf Ball -Pack of 12 First on the list is from the popular brand Callaway, their product the HEX Solaire Golf Ball is one of the more affordable at a price of only $19.95. This purchase comes with a 12 set golf ball, not to mention that these are some of the best golf balls for women today and you see why this was included in this list. The HEX Solaire uses Callaway’s patented S-Tech Core which allows it to have an extremely low compression and allows for the maximum distance traveled. It also uses the brands new HEX Aerodynamics technology which allows the golf ball to produce better lift even at low speeds while still maintains the signature air stability that the HEX series has been known for. For women who like to play in style, the HEX Solaire has pearlescent finish to help the golf ball stand out in the field. This style decision also helps players identify the golf ball’s trajectory while in the air better. Pros: Stylish and maximizes the distance of your swings thanks to its design. Cons: Do not expect to be extremely soft, if you are a slow swinger you might still feel that it is quite heavy. 2. Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls (Pink/Hot Pink) Another well-known…show more content…
The Nike Golf Women’s Power Distance Ball is currently priced at around $15.99 not including the shipping fee if you plan on buying online. The Power Distance lives up to its name thanks to its 320 dimple aerodynamics which maximizes the lift as well as the distance of the golf ball even at slow swings. It also offers a very stable feel because of the Ionomer cover that is extra softened for the best results. We have tried it on all types of clubs and the soft and stable feel was maintained on every single one. This is quite possibly the most recommended golf balls for women players out there. Simply put, this is designed from the ground up to suit women

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