Calling Mexico Ray Bradbury Analysis

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Calling Mexico” Response to Literature Ray Bradbury is known for his provocative and moving work, and his short story “Calling Mexico” is no exception. In this story, an ailing, elderly man in Illinois attempts to capture the nostalgic sights and sounds of Mexico City via a telephone call. Here the reader is captivated in empathy for the man and his failing senses and we really get a feel for the Colonel's true character. We also see that some people act differently than others while a close one is facing death. Bradbury is, again, known for his work in emotion and reader engagement, and he truly does captivate the hearts of readers within the lines of “Calling Mexico.” He leaves us feeling sad for the Colonel’s passing, and happy that he passed while experiencing the place he loved. Even what he could not hear from the window 2,000 miles away, over a phone, he could imagine, as he longed to be back in his hometown. But he couldn’t. With all of the build up about the beauty and grace of Mexico,…show more content…
While the Colonel may be old, you can tell that he is really still a boy at heart. In his often calls to his friend Jorge, he drifts back to the days of his youth in Mexico City, thinking, “...he was 25 years old again, walking, walking, looking, smiling, happy to be alive, very much alert, drinking in colors and smells.” This is the bliss that he longs for, and these calls show us how he dreams of being a boy again. He also loves his company, another reason he may be calling Jorge. With the sights and sound of Mexico around him, he could never be alone. With that, along with the fact that he is accompanied in his listening by his friend Jorge, he has all the companions he needs during his calls. But his calls do not last forever and that also may be the reason that he enjoys talking to the boys so much, and why he was disappointed when they were forced to
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