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Calico Storico is a little known violent game. The first reason is because of how the game is set up. The second reason is because the sport itself is almost a rite of passage. The sport is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation for an estimated 400 years to 600 years. The third reason, with what few rules Calico Storico has encourages violence. The final reason Calico Storico is a violent game is because it a strange mix of other violent sports such as street fighting, football (soccer in the USA), and rugby. Calico Storico is a violent game.
The playing field of Calico Storico is different from many other sports. The game is played on a sand field 16 inches thick and with foam padded walls. The goals are on opposite ends of the field and attended by 4 goalies. Each team has 27 team members with no substitutes. The Captain and flagbearer’s tent sits in the center of the goal net. The captain and flagbearer don’t play in the game but referee
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The rules of the game are simple to get the ball to the other end of the field by any means necessary. Calico Storico is a strange mix of other violent sports. First, like street fighting Calico Storico has a lot of kicking, punching, elbow use and martial arts. The fighting skills are necessary to move the ball from each end of the field. Two of the few rules are simple, no kicks to the head and no fighting multiple players against only one player. With the few rules to play this makes Calico Storico a violent game. Calico Storico is a violent game! The game is played on a sand field that is surrounded by foam walls. Calico Storico is a tradition that is hundreds of years old, handed down from generation to generation, which has become a duty and rite of passage. With the few rules Calico Storico has it is required to have fighting skills to play. This gives credit to it being a violent
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