Calum Macleod Homelessness In China

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Homelessness in China Homelessness is a problem world-wide. Yet, all of the reasons people become homeless are unknown. Bankruptcy, unemployment, family troubles and illness are many known causes. China is an overpopulated country, with a horrendous number of homeless women, children and men. China is the country with the highest number of recorded homeless beings, next to the United States. Why is the number so high, though? Both essays that will be talked about explain some issues that have caused homelessness. A loss of a home can be a huge reason someone finds themselves homeless. Tragedy can strike, such as a tornado or earthquake,a fire, etc. Many things could happen. In this particular case, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit the country of China in 2008. The murderous quake left over 90,000 dead and a recorded 5 million homeless. Calum Macleod uses the ethos strategy to explain the unpleasant occurrence and the effect is had. Explaining how over 1,000 students died in a school. Macleod brings many emotional impacts to his essay. A woman, Huang Li, was confined under a bed for ninety seven hours without any food or water, she claimed the only thought…show more content…
Yet, those are the most important when talking about such a big and horrible issue like homelessness. When he talks about the families and individuals lighting incense for their lost loved ones, all you can help but feel is despair and sympathy. When learning about Huang Li, the woman who lost three limbs and only kept fighting for her life and her escape because of her ten year old son, it makes you really feel the despondency she must have felt and it makes you see the courage she had to have had. Mcleod does a very nice job of including the pathos. As for ethos, he uses all the stories and all of the emotional appeal to penetrate your values and it raises many questions about why China hasn’t been
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