Calvin Coolidge Inaugural Speech In The 1920's

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Calvin Coolidge Inaugural Address Wednesday, March 4, 1925: Leader I’ve spent the last few days reading the inaugural address of Calvin Coolidge. This essay will demonstrate: What makes a memorable inaugural speech. The many words of Presidential speeches are stimulating, inspirational and full with drive. The bases of Presidential speeches are to be motivational and informative. Presidential speeches symbolize the American way of life, inspiring hopes for the future. Consider the following quote from Calvin Coolidge’s 1925 inaugural address: “We have been, and propose to be, more and more American. We believe that we can best serve our own country and most successfully discharge our obligations to humanity by continuing to be openly and candidly, intensely and scrupulously, American. If we have any heritage, it has been that. If we have any destiny, we have found it in that direction” (Bartleby). Does this quote make this address exceptional? Not really, but to me it is an address of a leader.…show more content…
The United States in the early 1920’s, had different movements in the areas of politics, economics, society, culture, and foreign policy. The 1920s began shortly after World War I. The United States and the Allies defeated the Germans. President Harding died in the middle of his presidency and Vice President Calvin Coolidge took his place. He conveyed the virtues of morality, honesty, and economy to the presidency address. Coolidge followed the remaining of Harding’s policies. Foreign policy of: the Dawes Plan, which the United States would lend Germany money in order to pay back Britain and France so they could pay the United States (Text 701); and isolationism, so United States would be neutral in war times. Domestic policy of: the tax rate being reduced to promote investments and economic growth and Immigration Acts to restrict immigrants into the
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