Calvin Coolidge Influence

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It Only Takes One Second

What bigger dream could a child possess than to pursue a career as president? Parents all across the nation instill the possibility of leading the country into the minds of little boys and girls each and every day. The concept of supreme power, a mansion, and nationwide recognition fabricates a false depiction of life as the president. Representing an entire country is an immense amount of power that can cause “heavy strain” on an individual (Coolidge 240). However, the mass amount of control does not define one’s presidency. Instead, the ability to grasp onto one’s values and use their surplus of authority properly determines how a president will be remembered long after their term. The person is more important than
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His ability to recognize and appreciate those around him played a large part in his prosperity in both law and politics. “[G]ood influences” had a habit of walking into his life and therefore he always let the ideal that “good predominates” guide his actions and influence his beliefs (Coolidge 52). Throughout his career in public service, Calvin Coolidge focused predominantly on establishing peace rather than initiating conflict. The effects of his advocation for tranquility are apparent in both his actions and his relations. His involvement in the “World Peace Treaty” and his positive relationships with his comrades, family, and ordinary citizens highlighted his desire for concord (Coolidge 152). Although life as the president can be overwhelming with constant work flooding through the doors of the White House, he never took little deeds of kindness for granted. Calvin cherished the memories of the stupendous instructing of his college faculty, the friendliness of skilled lawyers like Hammond and Field, and even the simple affection of his father. Calvin Coolidge found good people wherever his life led him and he never failed to recognize the kindness of those around him, a characteristic that will never die as time…show more content…
Rapid technological advances and a transformation to a more profit and success based economy have both contributed to large scale modifications from the past to the present. Communication has dramatically changed since the 1920’s as texting, emailing, and numerous social media applications are now the dominant methods of interaction. Although technology can be used in a positive manner, it also gives everyday people an outlet to be unkind without facing any guilt, shame, or consequences for their actions. Therefore, citizens today must emphasize the benevolence before the malevolence seizes the good in mankind. In today’s world, people have a tendency to get inundated by personal problems and responsibilities. Consequently, individuals push off helping others because they are overwhelmed by their own tasks. Although people today are more self-sustaining, they must remember the little deeds of kindness while they branch off into the world. Calvin was always appreciative of the sacrifices his single father made and wished for his investment to pay off. He stated, “I wanted to surprise him if I succeeded and not disappoint him if I failed”(Coolidge 78). People today should follow in his footsteps and possess admiration for every act of hospitality throughout their
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