Calvin Coolidge Life Lessons

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In Calvin Coolidge’s autobiography he retells his life from a young boy establishing the characteristics that made him a good vice president and ultimately president. In the novel he depicts the life lessons he learned from those around him whether good or bad. The value of experience is abundantly perspicuous throughout his life because with every event that he recounts for there is a growth in character. As a child former President Coolidge learned primarily from his family, his father and grandfather had established similar practices in life and built a stable life. I share the value of experience because I learn from those around me whether it be what to do or what not to do. At a young age I learned that not all things are taught in a…show more content…
The case may be so but that does not mean that because we have so much at the tip of our fingers that we miss out on the values learned by generations before. It only means that the lessons are being taught in a different manner. Since the beginning of time people have grown and developed from the past, based on what they learn. The same can be said today if it was not for the mistakes of humankind the technological advancements are accessible. No matter the time period experience is always better. And it is what the world around us is built on the creations that came before but did not last, but recreated. Coolidge talks enthusiastically of those that educated him, he deeply appreciated knowledge. Stated by former President Coolidge “few men are lacking in capacity, but they fail because they are lacking in application. Either they never learn how to work, or, having learned, they are too indolent to apply themselves with the seriousness and the attention that is necessary to solve important problems.” This was truly the most valuable aspect of the entire book because it summarizes what it took for him to become the best leader he could possible
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