Calvin Coolidge Reflection

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Through reading the Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge and pondering over its contents, I have come to love the ideals this president once foreign to me. I am able to identify with many family, educational, political, and life values exhibited in the book, and take great pride in the comparison of qualities with this historical figure.
While reading about Coolidge’s childhood, I was able to see my own parents in his. Just like in my life, his parents were adamant that their child would treat others with respect, a trait that I often believe is lost this day in age. In addition, Coolidge’s parents allowed him to develop a sense of creativity through playing in nature and with toys, while also teaching him vital skills using their business. During
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One of the ideas that spoke to me the most was the relationship between legislation and the government. Coolidge supported the notion that people must rely on themselves, rather than legislation to get them through life, and that more laws, regulations, and taxes hurt people. Agreeing strongly, I believe that these values are often forgotten this day in age because the masses have become accustomed to receiving governmental aid. The government has become too large and powerful, and leaders must acknowledge the harm that this responsibility places on both the people and the system. Power must instead be given back to the people by the ridding of unnecessary laws, regulations, and programs. By restraining the influence of the government on daily life, the United States will be able to return to the great nation of freedom; a nation in which its founding fathers so vehemently fought to build. Similarly, politics should not be controlled strictly according to political parties, and Coolidge urged people to support the values they believe in, not a certain political party. In today’s world, I think many politicians would benefit from acting in the way of doing the right thing, rather than supporting sides merely based on political affiliation. For this reason, I am passionate about educating myself as much as possible to candidates beliefs, and I look forward to being able to take part in my first elections in coming
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