Calvin Coolidge Strengths And Weaknesses

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Actions that are morally right but go against status quo are notoriously difficult for many politicians to take. Several of today’s politicians are not brave enough to risk alienating their voters. Calvin Coolidge, in contrast, was courageous, and this value was cultivated from an early age. Whether it was dealing with his mother’s passing when he was only twelve years old, or his sister’s death when in high school, Coolidge had to overcome these difficult situations. He had to stick to his goals of becoming a lawyer and a politician. The strength gained from these experiences undoubtedly influenced Coolidge’s policies as president, where he was tasked with making controversial yet just choices. From discussing civil rights injustices at a time where minorities were treated unfairly, to bringing awareness about the need for more money into the education system, Coolidge had bold ideas that he eagerly expressed to the public. During the early and mid-1900’s, African Americans were discriminated against in many ways. They were forced to go to public places that were separate from Caucasians, had limited rights, dealt with racial slurs, and risked the threat of being lynched. Calvin Coolidge recognized the problems African Americans dealt with and courageously spoke up for their rights. During his First Annual Message to Congress, Coolidge voiced that African Americans were just as important as any other citizen of the United States. He condemned lynching and
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