Calvin Coolidge: The Value Of Hard Work

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Calvin Coolidge was a President who exemplified many important values; he is well-known for his honesty, integrity, rationality, self-discipline, and hard work. Throughout his life, he always remained true to himself and to these values, even when times were tough and it would have been easier to abandon them. This often times seems to be a rare occurrence amongst politicians, especially those who are prevalent in government today, but that is just a testament to the type of man, and President, that Coolidge was. While all of the values that were held by President Coolidge are incredibly important values for one to posses, I personally find that hard work is the most important of all of them. I believe this because nothing in this world is free; everything comes at a price and often times that price is the tireless dedication and hard work of those fighting to succeed. Without hard work, no one would accomplish anything. Of all the many values that Coolidge exemplified, the value of hard work is by far the most important because only…show more content…
Coolidge himself attributes his success to all of the hard work and dedication he put into his career. His hard work and devotion to his position is what made him such a popular and well-liked politician. As President, Coolidge worked hard to instill many of his own values into the American public. He fought against corruption in the national government and encouraged private enterprise, saying that the “chief business of the American people is business” (“Calvin Coolidge”). The value of hard work allowed Coolidge to be a efficient president, with many people contributing the boom of the Roaring Twenties to his leadership. Coolidge’s hard work and tireless dedication to his career what proved him to such a strong leader and successful
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