Calvin Klein Visual Analysis Advertisement

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Visual Analysis – Calvin Klein Advertisement
Throughout the history of advertising, sexuality has been a key aspect to the ad 's success. People love sexuality and it has become a social norm in today 's society. Many companies have caught onto this trend to create very successful advertisements. Calvin Klein is one of the best examples. In this particular advertisement, the company tries to sell the product through sexuality. The models, lying topless on the floor, flaunt awkward poses while showing sexual expressions on their faces. Calvin Klein is not only famous in their widely advertising their products but also for use of sexuality in their advertisements.
With the models wearing nothing but the pair of jeans they are advertising, it’s easy to depict what product they are trying to sell and to whom they are trying to sell the product to. Although, this particular image can spark attention from both sexes due to its sexual nature. The women photographed have “perfect” bodies with the “perfect” tan, which is the sociologically shaped ideal beauty for most women. Therefore, they may believe that if these perfect and beautiful women in the ads wear these jeans than they too can wear them to feel
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The woman photographed is pictured in a submissive position. Goffman (1976) first suggested the ideologies of submission and dominant oppression. The female model represents the submission by physically hunching her shoulders down towards the male model. Despite her arms softly holding him down, he is the more dominant figure in the advertisement. The stark contrast of white and black accentuates the female model’s lack of clothing. She is very thin, perpetuating a false stereotype of women in our society. Overall, this advertisement should not be seen by the younger culture in the United States. Sadly, images like this do not seem to shock audiences anymore. As a culture, the process of desensitization has enabled advertisers such as Calvin Klein to test the
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