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Calvin White 's article "Our schools need to help boys become men" deals with doubting the school as they are failing in helping our boys succeed. This being stated, the article is not persuasive at all. Due to the article not being persuasive, it makes the readers question, is it the school 's duty to help the boys succeed in life or is it up to the individuals to make their own independent choices. White has several and specific ideas he states throughout the article. White mentions the schools are not helping our boys become men. The overall percentage of the boys in the academic classes are decreasing as the female success rates are increasing. Teachers and others in higher positions are slowly forgetting about the existence of boys…show more content…
Most of it has to do with the article being light on evidence and further research. In paragraph three, White mentions the many posters and ads that were pinned on the bulletin board at the school. Those consist of the swim team, basketball team and so on. White sees a small clipping of a wrestling team and gets happy for a while only to realize after talking to a student that the best wrestler on the school team turns out to be a girl. He mentions that boys also need to be given more attention. This example that White provides does not match up to many schools out there. White providing examples like these where he mentions it only shine a positive light towards females certainly do not prove that altogether boys are being left behind. At Sir John A. Macdonald, the publicity around the school of females or males depends on what kind of activities are taking place every week. One week the girls hockey team might be the talk of the school simply because they happen to defeat another school compared to the boys volleyball team that might have lost to another school or vice versa. White openly admits that the schools are failing our boys, but since when did schools take on the ful responsibility of the school to educate these boys to fully teach them how to be proper boys ? Is White stating that parents have no responsibility whatsoever to teach their boys some manners, social behaviours and so on? Schools are there in many places to reinforce what parents have taught them back at home in terms of manners and discipline. White seems to be too dependent on the education system to help boys become well - rounded individuals. Does White also realize to an certain extent, the parents are literally handing over their precious kids to strangers and then happen to wonder why most tend to have a hard time at school? White tends to only visit one
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