Calvin's Five Tenets Of Religious Ideology

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Calvin suggested the idea of pre-destination. It is a concept which means that everything that an individual does is pre-determined by God. This exemplifies the holy teachings which reveal that God has good plans for everybody. Plans for their welfare and prosperity. Therefore, everything that one implements is largely a work of God and his very plans. Calvin suggests some tenets of his religious ideology that are universally applicable in the modern day protestant religious doctrine. This came to be referred to as being, ‘the limited atonement’. However, there were others which are still debated in Christian faith. The limited atonement ideology suggests that Christ’s death did take sway the sins of the world and all who so faithfully repent will have their sins washed away[9]. However, only those who…show more content…
The first one which is referred to as total depravity stipulate that sin is a force that has affected man’s stability as well as how they relate with god. All aspects of a human being such as soul, mind and body have felt the impact of sin. This means that sin affects a human being wholly. The second one is the unconditional election. Calvin believes that God deals with an individual and not a group. Hence, he chooses one depending on the plans that he has for them. The third point of Calvinism is limited atonement. This stipulates that Jesus died for the sins of each and every human being. However, their sins will be washed away by the blood of Jesus as long as they respond to the election[11]. Election may mean a call to be wary of the sinful ways that may distance them from the almighty God and his unending mercies. The fourth point of Calvinism is irresistible grace. According to this tenet, it is not possible to fail to respond to God’s call. It is a call that is powered by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, once anyone is called they cannot resist nor
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