Calypso's Death: A Short Story

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Fingers Crossed, Pupoljci There is a family in Georgia. To begin, they had bad luck. For example, the dad, Nicostratus Pringle, has been in 3 ships while they sank. He somehow had survived all 3. When he was in preschool, a crazy, domestic terrorist had come to his school and shot 2 adults. One died, one was injured, obviously. She lived, but suffered from surgeries from the shot. The terrorist went to jail and got life in prison. When Nico (Nicostratus) was 10 (in 5th grade), the same terrorist (who’d apparently broken out of jail) came to the new school that he had moved to 3 years before. He again shot 2 people, one was killed, and the other one lived, but was injured. She was also shot in the waist and suffered from surgeries. It seemed…show more content…
“Really, Really!?” He wasn’t so sure what she would say. “No, really! I DO!” Why was he acting so weird? “Okay.” Finally, he was pretty sure she was okay with it. It was always hard to tell if she was telling the truth. She was good at that. Sometimes, she just wanted to make him happy. “Well, Calypso it is. What should be her 2 middle names?” Hmm, what should her two middle names be. “Two, wowsews!” He was surprised. He was only two. He hadn’t heard of people having 2 middle names before. He didn’t know how to say his Rs very well, either. “Yeah, two! Isn’t that crazy!?” She was wondering what he would think about that. She liked it when her son, Prince, was happy because he would definitely throw a big Temper Tantrum when he wasn’t very happy. “Yeah, I’s cwaaaaaaaaazy.” He had many crazy ideas, but none of them had been this good. “Well, what are the 2 middle names?” He was tired of all the talk. He was ready to think of something else. “How about Adeline.” That name sounded good to Kathy. “No, too plain.” He wanted Calypso to have a name that was peaceful. “It sounds like adwenaline.” How had he heard of adrenaline before? Oh, yeah! His favorite movie was Turbo. He watched that movie like two times a
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