Cam And Brennan Analysis

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“His” and “her” media refers to the multitude of media outlets catering different magazines, television programs, etc. to men and women. This disparity is particularly evident in adult television programming, which has underwent several transformations since its inception. For instance, the men would watch Spike TV whereas the women would watch the W Network. However, the division between his and hers is now slowly being merged together. Television programming used to divide its audience into its targeted demographic niches so that advertisers would reach the consumers their products were designed for. Gender stereotypes were also omnipresent in television shows, which inevitably intensified exposure to images of inequality. However, television started changing in the 1970s and 1980s,…show more content…
Cam Saroyan, a Black woman, is the head of the forensic laboratory. In the earlier seasons, when Brennan and Cam did not get along, the latter was nonetheless able to hold her ground against Brennan and made it very clear that she was the one who made the final decisions. They eventually started seeing each other as equals; Cam believes that Brennan is indispensable to the lab and Brennan admits that Saroyan is highly qualified to run the lab. As such, Cam is not a stereotypical portrayal of Black women. Moreover, Bones portrays another powerful woman colour by name of Angela Montenegro. She is a classically-trained artist who also excels in forensic reconstructions. Like Brennan, she has a stable family life outside of work; she is able to both work and make time for her family. She is also highly technologically skilled – she uses her artistic skills to develop and improve the lab’s computer graphics. She innovated the “Angelatron”, which is an improved computer simulation system, despite not holding an advanced degree like the scientists who work at the lab. Therefore, Bones clearly illustrates that women of colour can be as intelligent and qualified as men and white
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