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The Article titled “Gorilla and Camel Spotted on Mars by Rover” by Richard Hartley-Parkinson, is an article speculating a photo of two objects that various space- watchers have claimed to be a “large gorilla and tiny camel,” “a normal-sized camel and a massive gorilla,” or possibly a “bear-type creature or maybe even a statue of a creature,” sitting side by side on Mars. The article contains a photo showing the rocky Martian surface, along with the two objects being discussed. The article also possesses another photo of the objects zoomed in and colorized to show the supposed animals in more detail and clarity. In the end of Hartley-Parkinson’s article, the speaker ultimately states that they personally suspect the two objects of interest to be rocks. Leading up to this conclusion, however, the speaker presents different arguments of what others have suspected these two objects to be.
To start, the speaker presents no evidence and simply just states, “It could actually be a normal-sized camel and a massive gorilla, or alternatively, and this theory’s been around since 2012, there’s a huge bear.” Both
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Mister Enigma enthusiastically claims, “This picture taken by the Mars Rover Curiosity may be the most compelling when it comes to life on Mars for a lost civilization.” Mister Enigma speaks very highly about how interesting the “large gorilla and tiny camel on Mars” is, even though there is no quantitative data to even show that such creatures exist on Mars in the first place. Instead, Mister Enigma defends himself in the video included in the article by saying, “I know it sounds crazy, but just look at them,” in reference to the comparison of a photo of bears on Earth and the objects on Mars.. A speaker begging their audience to believe a claim with no supporting evidence will not further their agenda. Scientific evidence has to support or oppose a claim in the scientific world in order to be considered

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