Camel Cigarettes Analysis

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In order to keep R.J Reynolds claim, more doctors smoke Camel cigarettes, he supported this statement by using credibility (ethos) meaning, this is the use of someone else’s credibility to support an argument or the author 's credibility. First and foremost, the protagonist being a doctor, the good moral character, is an example of the use of ethos. The reason why doctors are considered good moral characters is because they have a strong loyalty to their patients, when it comes to protecting their health. In addition to doctor 's background presenting them as a good moral character would cause a viewer to believe that Camel cigarette would be the best path to follow due to the fact doctors are supposed to benefit your health. Even though our common sense would direct us away from smoking, doctors promoting Camels would make…show more content…
The first tactic used was the better or worse to signify Camels is better than any other cigarette because more doctors smoke Camel due to the pleasure and mildness they get out of it. Although many cigarettes were labeled harsh, many doctors prompted the cigarettes as milder and so did the packaging of the Camel cigarette. To captivate the views even more using the better or worse tactic the promoter insists viewers take the 30 day mildness test for there self. To add on to logos the advertisement used an anecdote, a short and amusing story about a real incident. The short advertisement is about two doctor talking about how hard work can be, but then they seem relaxed after lighting up a camel. Due to the fact doctors experienced a pleasurable and mild cigarette indicating that so would the public made Camel cigarettes sell rapidly. In these case Camel advertisement seems to demonstrating a point that may be false but makes a successful sale of the

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