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A Contrastive Study of the Two English Versions of Camel XiangZi from the Perspective of the Amplification and Omission. This chapter is the introduction of this thesis, which mainly discusses the research background, significance of the study, research questions, research method and thesis framework. 1.1 Research Background Camel XianZi is a representative work of Mr. Lao She, which was written in 1936 in Qingdao.From the beginning of creation,LaoShe has always been teaching as his official job,writing as a sideline.By the summer of 1936, he resigned from the Faculty of Shandong University and devoted himself to writing.In his own words,“Camel XiangZi was my first shot as a professional writer.”But the original cause of the creation is very accidental.It…show more content…
Chapter one is the introduction,it point out the problem and purpose of comparative study,and also introduces the research methods of translation contrast,the framework of the collection of corpus and the whole paper. Chapter two expounds the current translation situation of the novel "Camel Xiangzi " .First, the author reviews the history of Chinese literary translation and the application of the strategy of adding and reducing translation to literary translation.To explain this more deeply,the author enumerates several successful translations of Chinese literary works.Then the author makes a brief introduction to Lao She, the novel Camel Xiangzi and his writing features and the representative works of many translations. Chapter three introduces the theoretical framework, including the introduction, definition and development of the two translation strategies, including the increasing translation and the subtracting translation, as well as the domestic and foreign debates on this issue. Chapter four is the theme of the thesis. According to the examples and theories in the previous chapters, the two English versions of "camel Xiangzi" are compared and
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