Compare And Contrast Cameo And Jamaica

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From being a feminist, anti-racist and passionate lover of her home of Jamaica, Una Marson stands as a famed and cherished female poet. Apart from her offerings to the many political stances, she provided beautiful poetry that demanded attention from readers across the islands. She, like many poets, suffered greatly from mental anguish and was hospitalized on more than one occasion before dying of due to heart disease. Before her death however, the poems Cameo and JAMAICA were brought to life both painting detailed pictures of Jamaica and her love for the island. It is almost a dream like sanctuary that calls to the reader to in in on the splendour and wonderment. They both portray her fondness and adoration unabashedly and boldly in two uniquely structured poems. The poem Cameo is written in such an unconventional way that it quickly captivates the readers’ eyes before even knowing a single word. When the reader does begin the poem however, the colours and serenity of a picturesque Caribbean layout keeps them entirely immersed. The poem can be categorized as a concrete, pattern or shape poem. This is classified as a “typographical arrangement” that helps to accentuate the meaning conveyed in the poem. The poem give the impression that it moves from sky to sea then to mountains and finally the roads in a…show more content…
It is an acrostic poem in which the first letter or syllable of each line or stanza spells out a word, message or alphabet. She uses this to brazenly proclaim her adulation for Jamaica as she does not seek to conceal the message but make it seen. The poem encapsulates the natural, untouched magnificence of Jamaica in a way that is sprightlier and brighter than the blues and whites of “Cameo.” As an alternative of a peaceful haven, Jamaica is depicted as a tropical utopia populated by colours that makes a visitor or home body never want to leave its comforting
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