Camera Techniques In Avatar

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Science fiction has become increasingly popular over the past few years as new innovative technology has made it possible for films to become more realistic. Avatar, being one of the highest ranked sci-fi films to be made, is a clear example of how the film industry is on a fast moving track towards a new era of science fiction storytelling. James Cameron’s Avatar exercised all new forms of cinematographic tools in order to bring one’s imagination to real life. The first step after writing the script was to cast actors to each specific role. Avatar had taken a different approach as many characters would only be used for their voice and not their looks, because the film had two perspectives. One side of the film was about the world of the…show more content…
Avatar was estimated to be 40% live action shot and 60% digitally shot, which emphasis the complexity of the cinematographic. James Cameron preferred to be behind the camera so he could execute the exact image on screen as the one in his head. In terms of the types of camera angles used, one of the most used camera angles in any sci-fi film is the use of establishing shots. This is very effective, because it allows the audience to take in the futuristic settings, which are common in science fiction films. “Other types of shots that are used include medium and full body shots that are mostly used during fight scenes in Avatar. Close ups and extreme close ups are used to emphasize the characters emotions and even highlight a major part of the plot that the characters may mention during the film.”(media fort, 2013) They also cause for the viewer to become emotionally engaged in that specific scene and pay close attention to detail. Many of these camera angles were used during the scenes between Jake Sully and Neyriti to portray a level of intimacy. Tracking shots also play a major part in sci-fi films as the camera follows a particular character. This is used during the battle, fight and chase scenes during Avatar allowing the audience to become part of the action during the film. Tracking shots…show more content…
In Avatar the use of light and colour was used to bring the world of Pandora to life, and create a mystical theme, all while still creating a life like effect. Many cool colours were used such as blues, greens and purples to aid in the softness of mise-en-scene. Low key lighting was used to create suspicion or suspense for the audience, as well as naturalistic lighting to give the audience an idea of what it would look like if it was real life. Different filters were placed over scenes to evoke emotions; for example, when Jake Sully and Neytiri had their first intimate scene front lighting was in use to create an innocent, halo effect on the actors. Another factor which impacts the theme and meaning is sound. Non-diegetic sound cannot be heard by the characters but is designed for audience reaction only. An example might be ominous music for foreshadowing. Diegetic sound is sound that could logically be heard by the characters in the film. These play a role in a relationship with visual elements as fights scenes would play faster, harsher background music in sync with the actions being shown, and emotional, intimate scenes would play soft, classical or delicate background music to bring out the emotions in the actors and the audience. Soundtracks used in the film were to indicate
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