Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom

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I apologize as I could not open the link, therefore I used the whole movie instead of the specific scene. I was reading everyone else 's discussion and I knew something was wrong when all of them were about the scene where Donnie is getting off from school bus, however at that point it was too late to edit my post. Thank you for sending me the link to the scene.
In the beginning of the scene, the camera turns on the opposite side to capture the location where Donnie and his friends are getting off from the school bus and climbing the stairs to go in the classroom. The location was continuing in the hallway when we see all the characters of the movie along with teachers.
There are many types of shots in the movie, for example, a close-up shot is used when Donnie opens the door in school and a cutting on action shot when the principal and teachers are meeting together in the area outside of the school. A low-angle shot is captured when we look at the teacher as a strong, noble threateing and the director is using that to make a strong filling.
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The director in this shot position the cast of students to blocking the stage and increase the focal length in a continuous motion and effect of movement of the camera toward from the subject in image during the shots. Framing and composition in this shots are dictates to our attention, on the what happens in one day of school.
We see long shots when the camera focuses from one point of view to statue on the area of outside the school to the medium shot in focus to the Donnie girfrend looking on the mirror and the teacher reading the book siting on the table and close-up shot focus to Donnie face. The speed of the shot is fast motion and slow motion. special effects of camera

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