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Death, it 's everywhere. It 's part of life, and it happens every day all around the world. Death is the black hole that threatens to consume us. In the book, The Machine Of Death is a fictional machine that tells people how they 're going to die. The question is should mankind allow this machine to come to life? If mankind were to put it into production and put it everywhere, it would disturb life as the society know it. Its gut wrenching, sick, and twisted to let 16-year-olds at such a young age knowing how to die. A lot of people think that 16 is too young to get a driver 's license because 16-year-olds are simply too “adolescent”. Honestly, it would be the same problem with The Machine Of Death. Since there are many problems that portray…show more content…
The Machine of Death would cause many people to go into hiding and would stop people from doing certain things. In the story Suicide by David Michael Wharton, one of the characters gets a card that says “suicide” on it. He then goes on about his day with fear because he 's frightened of getting bad thoughts and actually committing suicide. But in the end, his cause of death wasn 't even his own suicide, it was someone 's else’s who ends up killing him. During the 20th century, many people lived in fear of HIV. There was no cure. Magic Johnston was told he was going to die because of HIV, and he even quit basketball because of it and lived in fear. But look at him now. He 's still alive and still has HIV. The reason people hid from Magic was that they were told one thing, that at the time they didn 't know if it was true or not. In the story Suicide the characters called the “No- Fathers” take extreme precautions like burning their cards thinking that, that will solve everything but in reality, it didn 't fix anything and just like MJ’s fans isolated themselves from him, and he stopped playing basketball, it didn 't solve anything. In the end, he still had HIV, but people still lived in…show more content…
Presuming The Machine of Death was invented, it would only make things worse because people would be paranoid and stressed about what The Machine Of Death told them what their cause of death would be. In the story Almond by John Chernega, the main character gets a prediction from The Machine Of Death, and it says cancer. She then later goes and gets a checkup at the doctor, and the doctor tells her she a healthy as can be. So she gets stressed and keeps going back to the machine thinking that the machine made an error. She then gets informed that the machine never makes errors, so she lives with the paranoia that she could get cancer at any time or stressed that the machine might have gotten her prediction wrong. In real life, people have the same problem where they go to fortune-tellers and they tell that they are going to “meet a tall stranger” and the people stress out trying to find out who that taller stranger is, or they get paranoid that they will never find love. The machine would be a hazard to people 's health, and it would just be another thing that would cause people to be stressed about and that could cause them anxiety and just interfere with the health of many people.
In the end, the Machine Of Death is a terrible idea. It would disturb life as society knows it. Many problems that The Machine portray are that it is not good

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