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Camille Rowen
“The idea that some other land, some other civilization lay out beyond that flat blue horizon intrigued her beyond any dinner party or tea invitation” (6). Camille Rowen is the main character of Everlasting by Angie Frazier. Once Camille puts her mind to something, there’s no stopping her. She fears loss of freedom, and she demonstrates tremendous bravery throughout the book. This is a heart pounding tale of a race to find a stone that can resurrect someone. With action, romance, adventure and well written characters, Everlasting is a great read that nearly anyone can enjoy.
When Camille finds out there’s a way to resurrect her father, she’ll stop at nothing to bring him back. She’s headset on it, even if it could mean her death.
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She doesn’t want to marry her fiancé (whom she doesn’t have feelings for), because when she does, she’ll be expected to give up her lifelong passion for sailing, forever. The quote “Camille loved these little traditions, and her chest and stomach tightened knowing they were taking place for the final time” (10). establishes this trait. Even when she was in a whole new continent, the dreaded marriage that awaited her when she returned was constantly in the back of her mind. Camille is extremely brave. I think the reason this trait stood out to me is the type of bravery she had. She still showed fear, worry, and self doubt, but she always pushed through it. That kind is rare in books, typically, “brave” people are written without much emotion. “She held Umandu tight to her chest. “I won’t let you take it!” she screamed as the things prolonged tail cut a path toward her, it’s teeth pried open like a bear trap” (315) is a clear example of her courage. To conclude, I think that Camille Rowen is a very well rounded, well thought out character. Her traits remain consistent throughout the book, yet still developing tremendously. Almost everyone can find a piece of themselves in her, whether it is in her will, her fear of losing freedom, or her

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