Cammie Character Analysis

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The internal conflict in this book is mainly that the main character, Cammie, lost her memory of that summer and really wants it back. When Cammie is first accepting her memory loss she says to her mom, “I’ll remember, Mom. I’ll get better and I’ll fight this and I’ll remember” (26) and when her mom says no to this, she says, “But I need to know” (27). This shows the internal conflict because she lost a summer’s worth of memories and she desperately wants to know what happened. However a doctor at her school says, “If your memory comes back Cammie, it will be on its own time. It will be when you are ready” (31). Later, when Cammie is talking to a counselor she says, “I think I would sleep better if I knew if my memory would ever come back-…show more content…
She’ll be there” (33) and when a different friend of Cammie’s says, “You’re going to have to talk to her eventually”(33), Bex responds, “I can’t do it” (33). Cammie’s friends were originally just mad at her for leaving them behind and worried about her, that they didn’t think about being mad at her for leaving, so once she returns, they finally start being angry at her for running away in the first place. During a counselling session, Cammie says,“I think I lost him... and her. I think I’ve lost them. But I guess they lost me first” (72). When she says this she is referring to her best friend, Bex and her boyfriend Zach and she is talking about how she doesn’t think that she can be friends with them any more because of how she ran away. When Cammie and Bex are alone in the woods, Bex counters Cammie’s comment about running away by saying, You didn’t have to go on your own” (89). Here Bex is letting Cammie know why she shouldn’t have run off on her own and how dangerous it is, once again showing the external conflict of the story. I think both types of conflict in this story were high quality because they were both deep and thought provoking.The internal conflict was creative, unique, and unusual because both people don’t deal with amnesia, that secretly isn’t amnesia, on a regular basis, so this was a cool way to mix things up. The external conflict seems slightly shallow and
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