Camosun Bog Case Study

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The Camosun Bog is currently an environmental wetland that produces berries and food for plants and animals around the area. The government is currently thinking of taking over the bog to create houses for the problem that is going on in Vancouver which is the growing population with not enough housing. Since there is not enough housing, this results to making the houses more expensive which struck up the idea to the program for the low income earners in Vancouver.

Developing the Camosun Bog would impact negatively because the bog will die eventually and instead we should create housing on that land for the governments program for the people earning low income in their jobs. The bog is slowly dying because of the change of climate around us.
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The bog provides all these animals with them. It is extremely important to keep the bog because it provides all the needs of the animals. It has swamps which supply the animals with water. The bog has many berries for the animals and people visiting and there is also a huge forest; “Pacific Spirit Trail” where animals can live.

As you can see, there are also many important reasons why the bog should not be pampered with for housing. The bog provides oxygen for us to breath and it gives the animals around the area the perfect place to eat and drink.

My opinion about the bog is however negative because we already have enough plants around the area as there are trees at almost street and forests for animals to go to. The rising problem with housing is definitely the most important problem because there will be many homeless people if we do not notice the problems that are happening around Vancouver. Homeless people may develop diseases because they don’t even have a suitable place to live and when they develop diseases, it could spread. These are just some predictions of what would happen if the program the government created is not taken in account and
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