Camp 14 Research Paper

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As modern Americans think about how lucky we are in some situations and problems.Because for some people, there is or was not any such as luck or escape from the situations and problems like we have today. In the antebellum South and a prison camp Camp 14 in North Korea, their lives are different and hard. In addition, they all lived in the conditions that threaten, oppress, and brainwash them. For them, they don’t have any choice for education and freedom. They all lived in the life cycle that they never had choice to live themselves. There many way to compare and contrast about what is it like to be a slave in the antebellum South and a prisoner in Camp 14 North Korea. One similarity and difference between about life of…show more content…
In Camp 14, prisoners were getting married, but they had to live separated. If they had to live together, it means of reward like what happened to Shin mother and father. After, Shin’s mother executed, his father was married to another woman and started a new family life. The salve in the antebellum South, they were getting married and living together. Although they lived together, they get sold when their owner don’t want them or slaves disobey. For example in Kindred, Nigel’s father was sold because sometime his father disobey to Tom Weylin. If slaves wanted to keep their family together, they had to worked hard or respect to their owner. The slave and prisoner punishment are harsh when they disobey. For slaves, punishment is different for women and men. In the book Kindred, Alice father was arrested and whip because he escaped from Tom Weylin but for Dana, she going to get raped from patroller. The women and men get punished but raped reserved for women. In Camp 14, both women and men get punished harshly. Especially, when they escape and get caught that case happened to Shin’s mother and brother. Shin’s mother and brother tried to escape from the camp 14, they get caught and executed in front of Shin and his
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