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I am believe I am passionate about my future career in social work and I am also a lifelong learner. I am a great listener and I have been told that I am great at understanding and easy to talk to people when they have a problem. I am always asking questions and is eager to learn and understand others in life. Furthermore, I have a heart of working overseas in the future and I am considering doing my field placement in Uganda. I have a passion for working with children in my future career. I have been a camp counselor the past two summers and it has provided me an opportunity to further my leadership abilities. Therefore, other leadership positions I have had was being a freshman connection mentor, leader for the children’s ministry at college church, junior high mentor for Youth for Christ, leader for the WRL council, and many others. I believe this semester I have balanced my school work, friends, family, and other things as well and I have continue to be very successful. I believe I am a hard working student and I do not like to give up on things easily. I am also a very self-aware person about myself and as others as well. I believe I am a great at
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I am not great on feeling pressured in group projects. I am a flexible person and sometimes I forget that many people are not flexible and I get frustrated about that in group projects. I also do not have experience with other populations or fields as a social work student. It is indicated that most of my applied learning has been working with children which indicated that I am not very well rounded with other populations. It is indicated that I need to improve on my social work language and competence from my social work interview. I also look very young for my age and it concerned that it might affect my future career. Furthermore, I need to work my leadership abilities and get more experiences in other

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