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One hundred and ten years ago,Camp Green Lake was a green and beautiful lake within its beauty a small town.There lived Miss Katherine Barlow who was known for her fabulous spiced peaches.Katherine Barlow was the town’s only schoolteacher who taught in an old-one room schoolhouse.Her character was full of life and spent most of her time happy.She was a wonderful teacher,full of knowledge.The children loved her!Katherine Barlow also taught classes in the evening for adults.But in one class there was a young man, who was called Trout Walker (His real name was Charles Walker) and he had an incurable foot fungus. His character was horrible and he was very disrespectful, loud and stupid. On the other side he was the son of the richest man of the…show more content…
After Katherine had found Sam they took a boat, having no choice but leaving Mary Lou behind.As Sam rowed the boat,Trout Walker followed them in his high speed motor-boat and his boat crashed into Sam’s boat.Sam was shot and killed in the water and as Katherine was returned against her wishes,she saw Mary Lou’s dead body laying on the ground.Three days later Katherine shot the sheriff as a revenge.And with red lips she kissed the dead sheriff to present him with what he had previously asked for.For the next 20 years she was known as the most feared famous outlaw Kissin’ Kate…show more content…
What has happen? Green Lake is a ghost town on a ghost lake! All the peach trees died and there is a horrible emptiness. She slept in a cabin and one day she woke up to see Trout Walker stood in front of her with a red headed woman. The woman had been in the fourth grade and her name was Linda Miller when Katherine was a teacher and she married Trout because of his money. But all of Trout’s money dried up with the lake. So Trout asked Katherine for the money because she had stolen every bank from here to Houston. Katherine told them nothing about the money, because she had buried it. Trout and Linda tortured Katherine, because they wanted to know necessarily where the money is buried. Suddenly there was a yellow-spotted lizard. Trout and Linda tried to kill the lizard, but the lizard bite Katherine in her leg. Katherine died laughing,as Trout Walker asked where she had buried the loot multiple times but did

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