Camp Harmony Short Story

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The story Camp Harmony by Monica Stone is about a young Japanese American girl that writes about her and her family's adaption so far at Camp Harmony. The girl and her family sat on the bus quietly only hearing a chatter from a group of university students who began to sing college songs. Some of the other people on the bus stared angrily at the group of students which caused them to raise their voices only to wake a baby up. At noon, the bus had arrived to a small town. Some of the passengers were excited to see what it looked like and others just commented on what they had thought about it. Once the bus had stopped Jim the young man that had helped them into the bus had gotten off and said “Ok, folks, all off at Yokohama, Puyallup.” Everyone…show more content…
The girl’s mother had told her children to not pick the dandelions out because she thought that they were the only thing that was beautiful in the camp. Both of her parents went outside to see why were the other people wondering around in the sticky mud. Their mom tried to lift up the spirit by stating that the latrine was not far away and the walk was not long. Their father brought back pieces of lumber wood and nails to craft chairs or tables. The block leader informed the family that it was lunchtime and to walk over to the nearest mess hall. The line to the food was very long and the girl was very hungry hoping the food will be good after the wait. Many of the people were doing something different some ran around the hall others barely moved and some waited impatiently. The lunch was two canned sausages, one lob of boiled potato, and a slab of bread. The mess hall was crowded so the girl had to separate from her family and find a seat. Once the girl and her family went back to their room Henry had arranged cots in a I shape. The girl preferred to arrange the cots the row like in her father’s
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