Camp Long Lake Essay

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Student Name: Konrad Meidenbauer
Assignment: Descriptive Essay Planning Guide

1. Chosen Topic: My favorite scouting location - Camp Long Lake during the Summer
- The description will primarily focus on the sensory details of camp environment
- Some information on camps legends shall be included
- It will be implied that the camp features camping/outdoor activities

2. Narrowed Topic: Waterfront Area (Aqua-land) and its various wooded trails, Eco-con
- What does the waterfront look like, general scope of the areas size, setting, and features. The smell, taste, look, sound, and feeling of the area.
- The paper shall also include information about the trails leading to the waterfront since they are simple yet beautiful, it will also be good for adding
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What is the appropriate tone to use for the intended topic and audience of the paper
- With the paper's main setting being a cabin a beach and wooded pathways, the papers tone should be fresh and fluid. The paper should also keep the reader interested by being upbeat and convey the sensory details in a manner that does not feel like a monologue. (very important)

7. Thesis Statement: (two potential that I have devised so far)

a. “Camp Long Lake is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer months with its cool Ecology-Conservation lodge, the activities its main waterfront has to offer, and the thrills of sleeping under the stars.”(I am still working on this) 8. What approach am I going to use to provide a strong introduction?
- I will give some background history on the camp then segue that into the sensory description of my chosen topics: Eco-con, the waterfront, and forested trails. I will use this approach since I would like to include some objective information in the paper. Besides, while my sensory description will not lie it is very subjective, therefor adding something for the more fact oriented readers could be a positive.

9. What approach will I take to write an effective
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