Camp Saint Andrew Persuasive Essay

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We can build a beautiful city, yes we can, yes we can. This was just one of the many songs I sang during my time as a camper, service worker, counselor in training, and counselor at Camp Saint Andrew. This camp was the foundation of friendships and memories, it helped young children to take that first step into the long venture of discovering who they were. This is one of the very few places that one encounters in life that is so inexplicably magical and that is the very reason it should not have been closed two months ago. Camp Saint Andrew should remain open because summer camps promote the psychological well-being of children.
October 7th, 2015 The Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera, Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton announced to the local paper that Camp Saint Andrew has been closed. The Diocese owns the camp, so therefore the Bishop is the man who makes all of the major decisions concerning the camp. He claimed that the camp was closing because of a lack of attendance over the years, how
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Project Hope is the perfect example of a camp that has faced countless cuts from the government and private funding. Project hope is operated by Unlighted Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania but occupies a portion of Camp Saint Andrew. So sometimes there are essentially two camps running at the same time on the same property. Project Hope is a free day camp for children of low-income families in the Scranton area that runs for a few weeks during the summer. Throughout the years more and more money has been cut from the Project Hope fund, enrollment has gone down from 500 children to around 200 children. Children who are a part of Project Hope experience the genuine care, concern, love, and self-validation that is essential to their growth and development that they may not receive at
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