Campaign Analysis Of Dove Mirrors

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Dove is a leading company that focuses mainly on beauty; they offer products that are ensured to distribute care and make women feel unique. Its main focus is to ascertain that women feel better about themselves, and this is done through motivating campaigns.

The campaign that is being addressed in this essay is ‘Dove Mirrors’ this campaign is a global campaign that is initially targeted at women who feel that their looks are not worth visually examining through mirrors. The campaign commences by illustrating the Dove logo; this is essential for every campaign, simply Dove is advertising itself. It then goes on to show women looking in the mirror and having different reactions towards that. However they are not happy about what they visually perceive, this being their reflection. At the end of the campaign, Dove shows kids smiling the reason for this being is to show that these females should always smile, and shouldn’t look in the mirror feeling unsatisfied by their looks. Simply we understand that kids are having a laugh whilst optically looking the mirrors and because these women are older they focus so much on their looks. From this campaign only 4% relished what they visually perceived in the mirror GCI .(2015). New Dove Research Shows 72% of Girls Feel Pressure to Be Beautiful . The main conception behind creating this campaign is that Dove believes that it is crucial that women feel content when they optically discern these campaigns or even when they are utilizing

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