Dove Mirror Case Study

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Dove is a leading company that focuses mainly on beauty; they offer products that are ensured to distribute care and make women feel unique. Its main focus is to ascertain that women feel better about themselves, and this is done through motivating campaigns.

The campaign that is being addressed in this essay is ‘Dove Mirrors’ this campaign is a global campaign that is initially targeted at women who feel that their looks are not worth visually examining through mirrors. The campaign commences by illustrating the Dove logo; this is essential for every campaign, simply Dove is advertising itself. It then goes on to show women looking in the mirror and having different reactions towards that. However they are not happy about what they visually
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From Dove’s research they were able to ascertain that only 4% of women ecumenically consider themselves resplendent, additionally they have been able to ascertain that most women start having apprehensiveness about their optically canvasses an early age, because of their findings they contemplated asking women questions predicated on what they feel about their looks, Dove is key in heedfully aurally perceiving women on what they have to verbalize. From the research they ascertained that resplendency cognate issues incremented whilst body confidence decreases, as women grew…show more content…
The campaign has become convivially prosperous; the video has been able to engender a step back to those women who believe they are not worth their looks that they should not critise themselves. It could be verbally expressed that this campaign was rather inspiriting because at the terminus Dove came up with a very innovative conception; the Dove ‘Magic Mirror’ where it captured women while they were smiling, after visually perceiving their own images it made them rethink their looks. Pellucidly Dove has been prosperous in maintaining its sustainability as a resplendency company; its messages have been self absorbing in the sense that it had women cogitating themselves and how they genuinely feel. Overall Dove engenders campaigns that are not steortypical and this can be arduous when endeavoring to solve issues that women
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