Campbell's Soup Swot Analysis

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Company Background:
Campbell’s Soup Company was found in 1869. The company’s headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, United States. Canned soup is Campbell’s primary product. After over 140 years, the company’s portfolio extends beyond soup to foods and beverage items such as Pepperidge Farm cookies and Goldfish crackers; Pace Mexican and Prego pasta sauces; Swanson broths; V8 juices and etc. All of Campbell’s Soup Company’s products are divided into three core categories: Soup & Simple Meals, Snacks and Healthy Beverages and all products are demand for convenient, quick, inexpensive meals.
Nowadays, Campbell’s Soup Company become an international brand, their products were sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Campbell’s Soup
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Campbell’s Soup Company has a long history over 140 years and Campbell’s soup sold in around 120 counties so it is a well-known international food manufacture brand. Campbell’s Soup Co. get high awareness around the world as they do many promotion continuously such as advertising, public relationship, even and so on. For examples: Since 1955 Campbell’s acquired Swanson & Sons, originator of the TV dinner, takes Campbell into frozen foods. In 1931, Campbell ventures into radio advertising. Also, Campbell’s Soup Co. Ltd is a listed company and takes its stock public on the New York Stock Exchange since 1954.
Campbell’s has been keep reputation around the world. In 2010, Campbell’s becomes the best global brand.
Apart from this, most of people recall Campbell’s soup will associate with the normally packaged in the can of red and white. However, in 2006 this company introduced the pink soup cans in order to raising awareness for breast cancer and donated a portion of income to related Charity. Campbell’s target customer is women, this success promotion appeal for too many target audiences therefore increase sales and build good
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The marketing objective of Campbell’s is providing healthy meal for convenient-oriented’s customers. The style of Campbell’s soup is easy to cook and the iconic is red and white cans. The price is not expensive, normally a can of soup around HK$10-13/ can in supermarket that is very popular. All the Campbell’s soup can has attached food nutrition labels, let consumers knows the ingredients and the nutrition information. Besides, Campbell’s soup Co.’s website show many recipes in order to teach consumers cook a taste meal and perform the soup is very convenient. Campbell’s Soup delivers the massage that different soup can cook a lot of different flavors of dishes with nutrition to

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